The Gorelick Brothers team has over 80 years of collective investment and operating business experience.
Artist: Hideaki Miyamura

About Us

The Gorelick Brothers team has many decades of collective investment and operating business experience.

We invest in asset strategies with expanding opportunity sets based on our macroeconomic views, and we rely on thorough and repeatable methods. Since 2005, our asset management mandates have ranged from capital preservation to opportunistic growth.

Our investments are based on sound market analysis and a rigorous selection process.

A few common sense rules guide our investment philosophy:

  • Invest personally in our own products.

  • Know what we're buying.

  • Do the work. Listen carefully; verify everything.

  • Rely on diversification and compounding to reduce risk and increase returns.

  • Seek tailwinds and avoid headwinds. Buy low; sell high.

At Gorelick Brothers Capital, we believe smart asset management is the product of hard work, attentive minds and a keen focus on protecting and growing capital.

Through philanthropy and patronage, the Gorelick family avidly supports the visual arts. Many of the images on these pages are drawn from the family's art collection, a portion of which is on display at the firm's offices.

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